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Speedometer bugs 200 1993

It sounds to me like the signal from your sensor is not strong enough. This could happen if the gap to the tone ring in the differential has grown somehow, but I can't tell you how it grew, or if the load presented to it by the ABS or speedometer gauge is dragging down its output voltage.

You could disconnect the ABS to rule it out as a load; does the speedometer work well with ABS module unplugged? Even so its normal load could make a marginal difference and lead you to believe the fault is in the ABS module such as water damage, when the real issue is lack of sufficient sensor output.

Something puzzles me when you say you tried a gauge from a '91. The connector pinout doesn't match. Did you rewire it for the test?

Without a scope, you could attempt to substitute the sensor signal, and compare where it drops out from lack of amplitude to what you can measure from the sensor with a wheel jacked up. Oh, that's dangerous, I didn't say that.

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New Speedometer bugs [200][1993]
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