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Speedometer bugs 200 1993

I'm slowly going insane!!

I've done and been doing some HARDCORE troubleshooting. Greenbook pdfs, dissassembly, and all.

To remind what's happening:
ABS light comes on at around 5 mph, speedometer goes to around 20 and does not increase.

I have:
-Swapped rear speed sensors from 2 donor cars and a new Bosch part
-Swapped clusters with 2, one known working - all show the same symptoms
-Swapped ABS modules, ABS overvoltage relay, ECU/EZK from 2 other 93 244s
-Cleaned almost every single ground connection and plug connection with contact cleaner, added dielectric grease (not for the connectors!)
-Replaced plug near VSS
-Ran an entirely separate wiring harness from a junkyard car (tested continuity from sensor to white plug end)
-Swapped ABS hydraulic module relays (pump and solenoid relay)
-Cleaned ignition switch pins
-Cleaned fuse holders and fuses

And yet, this powerful electric gremlin persists. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the ABS hydraulic module is faulty and needs to be replaced. The 700 series ABS brake diagnostics document lists the above symptoms as sensor or pump related, and I believe I've ruled out the sensor. However, it doesn't seem like the pump and speedo should be related...



New Speedometer bugs [200][1993]
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