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Main fuel pump and in-tank pump diagnostics 200 1988

See Thread:
"in-tank pump question"

- Sitting for a few years.
-- Could the gas have soaked up too much moisture from the air?
Pumps should run regardless.

- 87/1 and 87/2 of the Fuel Pump Relay
-- My '88 240 sedan jumps 30 and 87/2 to run the pumps. I do not know what 87/1 and 87/2 does.

- the (main) pump does not make any noise or vibration to the touch.
-- The pump is not silent. When I jump 30 to 87/2 my main pump can be heard standing by the car. The in-tank pump should be heard through the fuel filler pipe.
-- My understanding is that the injectors need a specified pressure and that is delivered by the main pump. The in-tank pump is only lifting the fuel up to the main pump.

- nose uphill on a 5% grade.
-- Not sure what 5% slope is. Slope typically is in degrees or rise/run. If you do not have a lot of gas in the tank it would be sitting in the back bottom and the pump is in the front. The pumps would still run.

- If the in-tank pump is also inoperative, would the main pump deliver enough fuel to the injectors to run the engine?
-- Yes if there is enough fuel in the tank. I have 1/2 tank and mine failed to start. It turned over but would not run. I am currently doing work to confirm failure of the in-tank pump.

-- If you do the correct jump to run the pumps and you do not hear anything you might test the power to the pumps to confirm the cables are intact. You said you had 12v at the main pump. There is a connector in the trunk(rear) that can check for voltage to the in-tank pump.
-- I am checking now for reports on electrical continuity of pumps.
1988 244 DL; B230F; LH-2.2; Manual 5-speed (M47)


New Main fuel pump and in-tank pump diagnostics [200][1988]
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