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83' 240 starter/flywheel standstill 200 1983

Hi Brickboard,

I have a 1983 240 automatic.Its been a joy to drive with no problems to speak of until last year... The starter began to catch the flywheel. It wouldnt happen everytime, but the problem got worse and worse. The loud noises that screeched from the car really were grinding on my nerves. So I finally had it looked at when visiting family out of state. Bad idea.

Its been down hill from there...

The original Bosch starter was replaced by the of state mechanic.. did not solve the problem. Nothing was wrong with the starter, but he replaced it anyways and gave me back the original.

My mechanic here in New Orleans has taken the job since then. He has been relentless and has been through 3 new starters, 2 flywheels, all ending in the same catching and grinding, shreding of the flywheels. His last attempt was a flywheel and starter manuafactured by the same company.

And now the car will hardly start.

I'm no mechanic and he's not computer savvy so Im now scouring the internet trying to get any tips to bring my car back to life. He's keeping it at his shop and is willing to continue to play with it.

Any and all thoughts to greatly appreciated, thanks!


New 83' 240 starter/flywheel standstill [200][1983]
posted by  SOSavanah  on Tue Feb 19 14:13 CST 2019 >

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