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Heater Control Valve Options? 140-160

On my 1971 (and I think on the 1972), the heater valve is solidly mounted on the firewall with all the hose connections being on the engine side of the firewall and the cable mechanism being on the interior side of the firewall. On the 240s which this valve seems to be the retrofit for, the heater valve appears to have moved from the firewall to everything being mounted in the interior of the car. On the 240s the valve appears to be attached to or mounted close to the heater housing. The change to the heater valve location may have occurred with the interior / dashboard changes that Volvo made to the 140 in 1973. So if you have a later model car it may not be obvious what I am going on about.

I think the retrofit heater valve can probably be made to work in the stock valve location on the early 140 cars. The primary issue is that the early 140 heater valve is mounted on a metal flange which fits into the square hole in the firewall. The flange is retained on the firewall by screws which stops it from flopping around and also seals off the engine compartment from the interior compartment. It looks like you could position the retrofit valve in this location with the hose connections on the engine side of the firewall and the cable on the cabin side. The only issue I see is that the valve hangs loose (only supported by the hose and cable connections) and you have a fairly large hole for the old valve which is no longer completely blocked off. If you have the early style valve arrangement I was curious as to whether you had fabricated some kind of flange / gasket arrangement for the rectangular hole where the original style valve is mounted.

As to the hose arrangement. On the early 140 cars hot water exits the elbow fitting on the back of the head and enters the heater valve with a piece of hose that has an offset in it.


From the heater valve there is a shorter piece of hose with a couple of 90 bends that connects to the top port on the heater core

The third hose connects from the bottom port on the heater core to the long pipe along the side of the engine that runs back to the water pump housing.

If you have an early car I think it should be fairly obvious how the hoses are connected.


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