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Hi Dave,

Your posts have always been the best examples of what I found valuable in first the mail lists and then the bulletin board forum discussions. Exchange of information by enthusiasts not just bent on car repair, but understanding and learning. I've missed them in these recent years.

So, you're serious? You raised up a rear wheel, pulled it, slipped a pad out, and inspected the face of a piston on your 940? In the cold weather? I thought I was obsessive! Good grief, your readers thank you.

Really, I have no business even posting in this 9-series thread from any position of experience. My late MIL's 940 is long gone, and by now I'm quite sure I won't be joining the 7/9 folks, having turned down some clean examples. Our family has been fortunate to find mostly 2nd-owner well-maintained 240's, so when offering help on the series I know best, I often miss on those troubles that occur as a result of shoddy work or neglect.

Memory has failed me without regard for age. I was aware of this at the age of 17 when after a week passed, the Torqueflite I'd disassembled needed reassembly. Now, it is automatic for me to supplant memory with a camera and notebook.

Even so, I depend heavily on getting the truth from Volvo's Tech Pubs, such as the notched piston part number from 2-series microfiche parts reference covering all Volvo's markets, LHD and RHD. My guess is there would be a note in the fiche for Canadian market if there was an exception. I have a shelf full of Clymer, Chilton, Haynes, and Bentley which only get used when someone else references one. The Bentley has no peer, but still is full of red pen. It is the other shelf of factory manuals which I find to get closer to the truth.

Too bad I don't have much in the way of 7 and 9 series literature. That's the hole our Steve fills keeping the FAQ list. That's what made me wonder why, if the 2-series kept the same ATe rear brakes 77 to 93 including the ABS optional in 91 and standard thereafter in US, did the 11 years overlapped by 7-series production have a different plan. Sure, I heard the piston sizes are different and vary among the 7/9 cars.

Getting a re-man caliper with no notch surprised me recently when installing it, having been used to the clocking procedure when replacing a rear caliper with a rebuilt unit. I was glad not to need it. Because I'd expect many of our 30-year-old cars don't have their factory-installed rear calipers any longer, I could understand finding them without the notched pistons they came with.

Here's what a typical re-man caliper looked like in '06. http://cleanflametrap.com/pub_ate/ You glimpsed the tool I fashioned from a rubber foot, to substitute for that one "no one in their right mind" would go for. Before making it, I'd awkwardly hook in a 4" pair of pliers to turn the piston. But all this is moot to the OP if the 9-series never used them.

In any event, I'll be thinking about what you surmised about what might have marked the change when I next see my daughter's low-mileage '93, only 5 years in her possession. I'll raise a rear wheel, remove it, and pop out a pad to have a look to see if it has the same notch our two 89's, two 91's, three 83's, 79, and 84 came with. I shall return. :-D
Art Benstein near Baltimore

REAL men don't need voltmeters.


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