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New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... 200 1992

The 1992 240 GL Sedan included then new "SYLVANIA 9004 Basic Headlight Bulb" (HB1/9004 XV dated FEB 2007).


Not a fan of the 1986+ 240 US DOT plasti-lens assemblies for the awful beam cast pattern. I'd read the 9004 is a Ford cheap-out specification. Yet also read a well-cast opinion the 1986+ US DOT 240 application may be best.

Both headlight assemblies has separated at the factory-adhered seam that both secures and seals the reflector body and the lens together. The reflector lining remained perfect and the lens cleaned up well with some oven cleaner on both sides to debride away the yellowed quality in late 2007 after purchase.

The GOOP brand UV-resistant Marine (or RV?) models (?) of adhesive remain clear.

Yet the headlights were dimming and I could not quite tell in 2017-2018. I thought the issue was with MO-state and the St. Louis region signage and marking method using less modern materials as well as not renewing stripes, signage, marking, and other things as traffic and whether cause fading.

With vague notion of dimming halogen bulbs, realized the bulbs were 12 years since new. Retail store in this region beyond Walmart, the ever more expensive AutoZone, and the like, are the best the region has.

Sylvania now owns Osram. Yet OEM Osram 9004 I cannot find. Phillips 9004 choices on the shelf here are like years behind what Phillips website lists.

Rather go to a store, pay cash, and be done. Anachronistic, indeed!

So, for like nearly 50$ at the Walmart for the 2-pack of "SYLVANIA 9004 SilverStar Ultra Headlight Bulb".


Wonderful to see again. The headlights are also pointing too low, certainly the right passenger light to illuminate the right road edge fog line or right side lane skip line. Distant / overhead signs also reflect with the bulb change.

Check them bulbs and replace with new if they are old or dim. The corner and taillight tungsten bulbs also dim. Yet I have a lifetime supply as pulls from the junkyard.

I do plan on using a relay from the headlight relay to provide battery voltage with fuse protection for the low beams.

Did not ever quite get to conversion to LED. Yet now we have 9004 and other LED bulbs at SuperBrightLEDs.com and elsewhere that plug and play.

Or may plan to convert as this fellow did here:


The "Quad Headlight Conversion" link:

Causes the browser to ask where you wanna open it. In the current browser. Article references a brickboard thread to convert to quad squares. A 1983 sedan is apparently close at a junkyard.

Hope that helps.

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New New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... [200][1992]
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