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1980 240 Cruise Control Not Functioning 200 1980

Greetings All,
This 1980 240 is fairly new to me (12/18).
Automatic three speed.

The cruise control was non-operational.
I removed the instrument cluster to replace the odometer gear.
I then realized the cruise control harness was not plugged into its connector.
After replacing the odometer gear and getting the cluster back together and plugging in the cruise harness the cruise control would only function sometimes. Since then it's become less reliable.

These are the things I have looked into so far.

1) #1 fuse and the inline fuse are good.
2) vacuum line to black cylinder is holding pressure, but I don't feel the vacuum at the hose that goes to brake pedal vacuum switch. Seems like vacuum is not getting to the brake pedal vacuum switch when cruise button is set.
Brake pedal switch to release vacuum is working (it did need an adjustment).
3) switch on stalk is good, power is going from red wire to green and also to brown when switch is on and also to yellow when set button is pushed.

After working on the odometer gear, two weeks past, the cruise control would work, then it became less reliable.
Last week when it did work I hit a pothole while cruise was activated and then it skipped a beat, but it started again on its own.

Mercury switch seems good.

I'm thinking that the Dana Corp cruise control computer at the passenger foot area is not receiving the speed level from the sender behind the cluster. The sender has two wires connected to it, blue above and grey is the lower. I've been told that these two wires are interchangeable?

The cruise control has not functioned in a few days now. And when it did work recently it was hit or miss.

The "bulb out" warning on the instrument cluster flashes once when the brake is applied, if this means anything.

Any advice is appreciated.

Joseph in windy New Mexico.


New 1980 240 Cruise Control Not Functioning [200][1980]
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