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master cylinder only half working 1800 1972

I know it can be very difficult to find a competent mechanic. And if you live in a small town, your choices can be very limited.

I have a customer who is the older sister of a childhood friend. She now lives in a small town very near the California/Oregon border and they have only 1 repair shop in town and because she doesn't trust him, she uses a shop in a nearby city for basic repairs like oil changes, but drives her car, not a Volvo, down to my shop in the LA area for any major repairs.

Yes, I have new brake masters in stock, but before you buy 1, try "bench bleeding" in the following manner which can be done with the brake master mounted on the booster.

1st prepare the area under the brake master with rags to absorb the brake fluid that will leak. You may want to be able to rinse the area with water after you are done, so have a garden hose or supply of water in case you are worried about the paint on the inner fender.

Disconnect both brake lines from the brake master and use a finger from each hand to cover the ports while someone SLOWLY depresses and releases the brake pedal. Try to control the direction of the fluid like you might do when you don't have nozzle on your garden hose, or you'll squirt fluid all over the place and try to seal each port as the pedal is being released to help prevent air from being sucked back in.

And speaking of fluid, Volvo recommended DOT 4 fluid. DOT 3 will not immediately cause problems, but if you are using DOT 3, you can easily flush it out with DOT 4 while you're bleeding the brakes.

If you could find "inverted flare" male plugs and they are hard for me to find, you could verify your rebuild. When properly bench bled and with flare plugs installed in the brake master, the brake pedal should be rock hard.

Good luck.

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New master cylinder only half working [1800][1972]
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