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master cylinder only half working 1800 1972

Thank you for the response and your time. 30+ years ago i was certified as a mechanic by a local community college program. I was tired of taking my car to other people that i felt didnt do right by me. This project has been a complete rebuild of the 72 that was once my wifes car and was garage kept for over 26 years without so much as opening the door. I have rebuilt all ancillary systems of the car and the brakes were the last. I had never run into this issue when rebuilding other master cylinders but must admit that I have less than half a dozen under my belt. The master cylinder front chamber(rear set of calipers) doesnt move so much as a puff of air even with the bleed nipples removed. I had lost my bench bleed kit over the years so thought i could bleed it after install. Upon inspection, calipers appear to be functional and have no leaks or problems with the o rings. My only thought is that something in the reservoir may have blocked one of the ports on the MC? If i need to go with a new MC, do you have those in stock?


New master cylinder only half working [1800][1972]
posted by  kuducalyx  on Sat Feb 9 13:50 CST 2019 >

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