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master cylinder only half working 1800 1972

Hello and welcome to the board.

Since you are new, I have no idea what your skill level is, so please don't take the following as insult. But when it comes to brakes, you need to be REALLY sure you know what you are doing. Your safety and the safety of the public could be at stake.

Did you split the calipers when you rebuilt them and possibly mix the parts?
Did you reassemble the brake master components correctly and without damaging the seals?
Did you bench bleed the brake master?
Did you bleed the brakes in the proper sequence?

And not that it should affect your bleeding of the brakes, but did you remove the single wire switch in the junction block right after the brake master? This switch triggers a light on the dash when you loose a brake circuit and can be damaged by the moving parts inside the junction block while you are bleeding the brakes. So it should be removed before bleeding and then re-installed when you're done bleeding the brakes.

I own a repair shop specializing in rear wheel drive Volvos with an emphasis on the pre-1976 Volvos and I am extremely familiar with the brakes on your car.

At this point in time, the only brake part I routinely rebuild are the brake proportioning valves that are used on your car and that's because I can get repair kits and because they are very easy(for me) to rebuild. Almost all other hydraulic brake components I sell and use are either new or rebuilt by a bonded rebuilder.

I used to rebuild calipers myself, but that ended when the cost of my rebuilds started to far exceed what I could buy from a rebuilder. This was mostly due to my insistence on using only Volvo or OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. For example, just the cost of the replacement pistons from Volvo was higher than my cost for a complete rebuilt caliper that also included new brake pad hardware!! So with the combination of cheaper costs for my customers and the elimination of my liability for the rebuilt brake parts, remember I own a business, most of my rebuilt brake components are now done by outside bonded rebuilders.

In the last 10 years, just about all of my suppliers no longer have nice cores to rebuild, so they don't always have rebuilt units in stock.

So I started sending out my own cores in advance so I can service my customers quicker because the turn around time for rebuilding can take over a week for calipers and even longer for most of the rebuilt brake boosters.

I hate to admit this, but if you needed a set of rebuilt calipers, I don't have them in stock right now as I recently sold all 4 calipers to a customer and haven't sent in a fresh set of rebuildable cores yet.

Please feel free to ask questions.
Hi Performance Automotive Service (formerly OVO or Old Volvos Only)
Torrance, CA 90502
hiperformanceautoservice.com or oldvolvosonly.com


New master cylinder only half working [1800][1972]
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