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Do new motor mounts need to break in? 200 1993

Hi! I installed new engine mounts (both) and transmission mount on a 1993 240 AT a few months back after noticing the right had lost some height and getting close to the oil filter. The trans mount had also lost some height. I used an engine hoist from above. I purchased all Volvo mounts from FCPEuro: engine 274110, 274111 and trans mount 1359138. After installing I noticed more noise and vibration coming into the cabin with some steering wheel shake. I tried to improve this my loosening the top nuts on the engine mounts and trans mount, then started the engine and moved trans selector from Reverse to Drive to neutral several times to get the engine to settle. This helped some but not to my satisfaction. Then I thought I would just drive it for a while and see if this would be better with time. The vibration and noise are a bit better when the engine is warm. I've examined both engine mounts and the locating tabs are in the brackets. I had a bad experience with aftermarket mounts on a S70 years ago and remembered not to use aftermarket manufacturer. I also took the car to a muffler shop to see if I had messed up any part of the exhaust. The shop didn't find anything wrong. Any thoughts about what to do next? Thanks.


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