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960 heater blower motor 900 1992

We got it apart and found one of the magnets loose. But we could have caused that damage when we were opening the motor using a fair amount of force. Glued the magnet back on but the problem was still there when we plugged it in. And then the fan broke apart when we tried to remove it. It is seriously glued onto the end of the motor shaft.

I just took it apart again and the magnet had moved. My gluing job had been unsuccessful. So the problem could still lie with the magnet coming unstuck.

To rebuild the thing and get to the brushes one would have to destroy the plastic fan and replace it with another one. A better glue job could have been instructive. C'est la vie!


New 1 960 heater blower motor [900][1992]
posted by  muskox37  on Sun Jan 27 15:03 CST 2019 >

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