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flasher relay issue 120-130

Hi all:

I recently converted the taillights and rear turn signals with LED bulbs. Worked great! Then changed the front turn signals with LED. Won’t work! It also caused the rear turn signals to not function also. Instead the all of the left/right/rear/front turn signal lights just lit up without blinking. The green turn signal indicator on the dash did not light up.

After I replaced the front LEDs with the original incandescent bulbs, the front/back turn signals work again in blinking as it should as well as the signal indicator on the dash.

Now, I am figuring that with the regular flasher relay I have, it works because the current load drawn from the front incandescent bulbs was enough to make the relay click on/off.

So I bought a LED-compatible relay. With it installed, nothing worked. Not even lit up at all, whether completely LED or partially incandescent. That new flasher had a ground wire. Perhaps it was just a dud or not compatible for 122S? Would a flasher without ground wiring be better?

Any guys out there with success stories of completely converting their 122S projects into using LEDs all around without any turn signal issues?

If it helps to add more info about my car, it’s ‘67 but has emergency flashers installed from a ‘69 122S. Also converted to use 63-amp alternator.

Thanks in advance for your advice!



New flasher relay issue [120-130]
posted by  DBS  on Fri Feb 8 23:00 CST 2019 >

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