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Rear Main Oil Seal Leak? 200 1988

Regarding the seal photos Art posted - I've installed the orange (red?) seals many times with no failures - the only caution would be to be sure the lip doesn't fold under and the spring stays put (grease packed into the back void). I have no qualms about tapping those RMS into place -- but the Volvo seal absolutely should be pressed into place - they will distort without much provocation. I looked closely at Art's photo and did not see a temporary plastic insert installed into the inner diameter of the Volvo seal. It's been a very long time since I'd installed one of these thin/dark Volvo seals (more than 20 years) but recall they came with this insert that insured the inner lip did not fold. After installation this insert gets pried out.
Also - regarding the original poster's fruitless search for a leak. From his description of the location of the puddle--could be it's a worn pinhole in the cooling line(s) where they are clamped to a bracket at the engine/tranny split. -- Dave


New Rear Main Oil Seal Leak? [200][1988]
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