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Different Styles of Front Hubs; Linear Gouges on Races 200 1988

I was at the junkyard today looking for parts for the 240 and my Toyota.

My 1988 Volvo has front hubs with tapering where it connects to the base of the spindle that looks like this (bottom with the Volvo label):


Today, I saw a 1992 240 with a front hub that has a wider rear that looks like gears, like at the bottom of this image:


The outer and innner wheel bearings are the same, but are these hubs interchangeable? Also, I assume that there is an advantage to the design for the 1992 front hub; is there an advantage to the 1992 model?

I noticed that a FWD Toyota had a rear outer bearing race attached to the drum with several prominent dark lines that ran perpendicular to the long axis of the race. This was present only on one side

I thought about uploading the photo on the Brickboard Gallery, but it's from a Toyota, so I don't think it's appropriate to do so.

I also didn't see any similar race damage on Google Images to provide a link here.



New Gouging on Wheel Bearing [200][1988]
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