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progress of painting 700 1988

Hello guys, it has been some time since I updated here but the process of repainting the Volvo has not stopped, although things have not been moving as quick as projected, yet it is known these projects always take longer than expected.

Here is an update of what has transpired in last 5-6 months and where we are at now.

The Volvo has been taken apart. Here are the pics of progress.

I ended up buying another Volvo 940 pictured here, so I can transport all the parts of the Volvo 740 around, and to have another winter car. Now I got 3x Volvos... and I must admit significant time currently is going to keep the two Volvos rolling due to recent issues with both and getting the 3rd one restored.

Engine still in the car.

Engine removed from the car.

The engine on the floor.. the engine is great, so I am on edge how deep I want to go into and if I should a full engine overhaul.. probably will run another 200,000-300,000 km in current shape with little repairs.

Got brand new head lights ordered.

Brand new tail lights ordered from United States to Latvia. Made in Estonia... which is like 100 miles from where the Volvo is.. so the tail lights traveled across the world just go to straight back, next to where they came from.

The interior getting plucked, because all seats and all panels will be re-done. The original interior panels are destroyed from sitting in California sun for last 30 years, and very brittle. That said they will be replaced either with original color panels or others panels painted the original color and all dynamatted to remove the rattles and all new clips.

Parts from the Volvo in the garage I built to store the Volvo and it's parts while it is being rebuilt.

Engine and Volvo 740 side by side.

The Volvo 740 getting towed to the painter.

On the trailer, another view.

At the paint shop, getting prepared for sealer.

Details being worked out.

Smell of progress

All the paint is coming off with sanding machine because the paint remover was unable to remove the original paint. It had no effect on the paint. The car also proved itself to be painted by hand, not by robots, due to 12 spots where over spray was counted.

Top view of bare metal roof.

The sealer is on the car.

Guide coat is on, time to find all the dents.

The dents are showing up through the guide coat.

Removing some of the heavier dents.

Picking up the original factory matching color.

We got the expensive clear coat for the car, extra hard and did a test-spray on another car's hood and it was perfect with no orange peel what so ever.

I have already made new original stickers for the car.

Still need some finishing touches on the stickers before printing. Not ready for print just yet...

There are plenty of tasks and problems to solve that are running parallel to the car's painting process. There are plenty of parts to source. For example, the sun roof rubber strip that goes around the sunroof plate, is cracked and dry from California sun, no longer in production... been searching all day for the part.

- The whole engine needs to be disassembled and cleaned and see what parts need to be replaced.
- New radiator with AC outlets needs to be sourced.
- New wheels that fit the car, that will also need to be re-finished for a brand new look.
- Chrome parts such as headlight moldings need to be re-chromed.
- Random trim on the car all needs to be polished and the faded plastic painted semi-gloss (satin) black.
- Interior needs to be re-sown, still need to find fabric.
- New interior carpet needs to be made.
- Many plastic parts to paint and re-finish.
- New tires and windshield wipers.
- Instrument/dash panel has a crack in middle that needs to be solved.
- Dyna mat all the panels so they don't rattle.
- Muffler needs to be re-done
- Headliner was damaged from rain and thrown away, need new one
- Clean water drain pipes from sun roof
- Radio antenna brought back to stock and clean
- Clean all parts
- All new rubber hoses
- New brake lines and brakes


New 2 Restoration project: zero-rust Volvo 740 w/ 370,000 km on odometer [700][1988]
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