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Rear Main Oil Seal Leak? 200 1988


I understand your resentment towards aftermarket seals.
I have had experience with Elring seals being undersized on the outside diameters on their smallest seals fo these engines.
The rear main seal actually was the right size on the outside diameter but was Wrong on the inside diameter. They are 1mm to large.

The crankshaft outside diameter is 92 mm.
The seals Elring provided has it written or molded into the face, its size and it says, 93 mm.
Consequently this is bad or will be shortly!

I went looking several years ago at a local bearing supply hose and we combed through catalogs to located an equivalent seal to OEM.
We came up with this an industrial seal, made by National, with a Timken name, in orange letters, boxed with this number ... 355660H. Plain and simple!
It is 3.622 X 4.331 X 0.394.
These dimensions are correct to fit the crankshaft seal area!
If you look and convert the numbers, it is a metric seal but in actuality are so very close to American dimensions especially on the 92 mm diameter. It equals 3.625 or if we step back, into the old world times of speaking in fractions, it equals 3 5/8 inches.
To me this is interchangeable and in being so, it’s a very popular replacement seal in production runs of any equipment.

This is a very good reason to make a crankshaft with that dimension and the reason Volvo engineers were smart! It kept cost down and provides long term availability of supply!
No special contracts to be renewed down the road with vendors who will inevitably threaten to discontinue to make it, due to low demand or put that special OEM branding on without more funding!

There is nothing more costly that placing a “monogramed pocket” on a “regular collared shirt” just to cover one’s EGO, that it’s “special” for me!
If you can buy enough tires and show a repetitive demand for them, they will put your name or any name on the sidewalls of any “grade” tire “already” in production!
You can and will see it all the time!
The only concern is, do you care about what quality is there that you what your name on!

In this case they went with a proven seal for many many applications.
The engineers tried this in many places on this car. It shows up over and over during the long production run it had!




New Rear Main Oil Seal Leak? [200][1988]
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