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Any issues with Motorcraft YG 136 heater valve? 900 1994

Can anybody comment who has used this valve? Specifically, I was wondering if the vacuum attachment fits the vacuum hose in my 940 without issue or modification.

If anybody has any better suggestions for a reliable heater hose valve, please comment.

(Side note: Interestingly, my mechanic told me that the coolant cycles constantly through the heater core, regardless of whether the heat is on or not. The heater valve shuts off this flow only to enhance air conditioning. That was news to me. He suggested the option of simply not using ANY valve. I'm not inclined to do so, as I need all the air conditioning I can get out here in triple digit California, but I thought this was intriguing nevertheless.)


New Any issues with Motorcraft YG 136 heater valve? [900][1994]
posted by  U.S. Diver  on Fri Feb 8 10:23 CST 2019 >

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