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Rear Main Oil Seal Leak? 200 1988

1988 Volvo 240 DL N/A with about 300k miles.

To summarize the situation, this car was poorly maintained. Almost every system had leaks (power steering, brakes, and oil). In particular, the camshaft and crankshaft oil seals leaks, the former causing the water pump upper o-ring to swell, necessitating my changing the water pump and replacing the coolant overflow tank which leaked. I checked the flame trap, and it was not clogged. The redblock oil separator was partially clogged. I cleaned it thoroughly.

This week's drama is that I see a 10 cc black puddle on the passenger side between the transmission and the strut tower. I've noticed this twice in the past week when the car has been in my garage for a couple of days. Looking at the car's underside, I don't see any oil leaks. I also don't see any change in the oil fluid level. The oil drain plug is dry.

I'm thinking that perhaps the dreaded rear main oil seal is leaking, particularly given the camshaft and crankshaft oil leaks. Any tips on diagnosing it? Also, given the multiple leaks I've experienced with the car, should I just go ahead and replace the rear main seal?

If so, I checked the FAQs which recommend the Viton seal. However, I cannot find that, but only the red seals by Fel-Pro and Mahle (at least that what the photos show). Any leads on the Viton seal?

My transmission is fine, but while I have the transmission separated, should I replace the torque converter? I could only find remanufactured and only by Florida Torque Converters out of Coral Gable, Florida at about $200.



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