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94 940T on life support

Rebuilt engine last fall with IPD Turbo cam installed, otherwise stock.
5 degrees cam advance dialed in with IPD adj cam sprocket.
Proper break-in was completed.
Ran like a scalded cat from standing start. Very happy with the results.

Over the previous few weeks there has been a strange hesitation & bogging down when I would floor it and then it would kick in.
It got progressively worse over time until driving back home it lost at least one cylinder and then died 10 miles from home.
Towed it home.
I suspected the distr cap (previous experience) but no problem there.
Checked all the usual suspects with no results (power stage, CPS, RSR, FPR, Fuel Pressure valve).
Saw muffler was cracked & blowing glass pack out of the crack so disconnected the muffler and CAT.
No blockage.
Still no joy.
Hear in-tank pump noise and feel main pump vibration.
There is fuel in the injector manifold.
Pulled & cleaned the injectors. They were all clean with a good spray pattern.
Blew out the air filter.
Still no joy.

Now for the weirdness.
Although I hear in-tank pump noise I do not get a FP reading at the test point under the car before the main pump.
I do not have a 90 degree adapter for testing FP up top so pulled the injector assy and tested it uninstalled. It seemed to have proper pressure but I am not sure since the meter attachment point was a bit leaky. I think it maybe got up to 40 but possibly only 20. I will be rechecking it based on the missing pressure after the lifting pump.

Next on the list will be a compr check & leakdown check.

Any suggestions are welcome.

89 560SL - 125K
94 940T - 353K
94 F150 - 250K
68 GT500 KR - under restoration


New 94 940T on life support
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