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hi there. First time here, hoping I can find some answers. First off, the car. 1987 245, B230f engine. I believe it has the lh jetronic system on it. First off, the symptoms. Cold, starts right up then within a minute or so it will falter and then die. You can keep it running with the gas pedal and after a few minutes it will idle on its own, although a little roughly. After warming up it will idle fine, although seems slightly low. I am thinking the IAC because I used a piece of wooden dowell to tap on the IAC motor and when it started to falter I would tap the IAC and it would come back up for a minute before it started to falter again.
After doing this several times it would then continue to idle on its own. When warmed up, no problem. Starts right up with no problems. The car has,most likely over 300,000 miles on it. Due to the cost of a new one I thought I would see about cleaning it. Thoughts?, I am also going to clean the throttle body and replace plugs, cap, and rotor. Also, the black knob for the idle speed seems to have very little effect on the idle speed. Also, even after being fully warmed up, it has died on me when coming to a stop or slowing down for a turn, possibly due to low idle speed?
Finally, does any one know of a good tutorial on cleaning the IAC? I have not seen one for a 1987.

Ok, final question. Are there two coolant temp sensors, one for the computer and one for the temp gauge? There is one by the water outlet and there seems to be another one under the intake manifold.I have a manual, however it does not say anything about this. Looking forward to hearing back, thanks in advance for your help.


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