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Torque Sticks for Wheel Lug Nuts? 200

Thanks for your replies.

I appreciate your concerns, CB. Over the weekend, I followed your advice and swapped out the hub holding the damaged race. I managed to remove both hubs and just bought new inner and outer wheel bearings and races.

I have a torque wrench and know how to use it. With the car's recent multiple issues with brake fluid leaks, seized lug nuts, and damaged wheel bearing races, I'm removing and reinstalling the wheels frequently. I also have to use a deep socket on the lug nuts to prevent the torque wrench from hitting the tires. Therefore, I'm looking for a faster alternative to torque the lug nuts. By the way, I also have an impact drill, so I appreciate the caution about using them only with impact drills.

However, James Tian's review (third in the reviews section) and Angie Benda's review (fourth in the reviews section) found significant differences in torque (83-99 ft-lbs) when using an 88 ft-lb (120 Nm) torque stick.


I use a battery-operated impact driver, a Ridgid like Art; one review by JR on 10/17/2018 said that those clutch-type drills don't work well with torque sticks:


Although I would use the same drill and technique with a star pattern tightening, any thoughts on safety with that much variation in torque?


New Torque Sticks for Wheel Lug Nuts? [200]
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