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Gouging on Wheel Bearing 200 1988

Oh man I wish you would listen to yourself saying you will use bad bearings!
Why do the job three times!

If you can actually see any defect in a bearing surface you don't want to reuse that bearing.
It's an indicator of things are not right in there.
It's like, if you looked across a nice blue smooth swimming lake that has a surface that looked like glass on a nice calm and quiet day!
But then all of a sudden there was a hump of tiny ripples coming your way!
Would you want to jump in and bet there nothing coming to eat you?
It might something from somebody's discarded tropical fish bowl!
Just maybe, their not piraƱas but some hungry gold fish looking for their hand out!

The lines you see or rumblings you heard are all a warnings that you are messing with hardened steel that nearly as hard as glass.
You said earlier, that one bearings inner race, it probably had the rollers, was actually frozen on the back end of the spindle.
I'm betting the rollers are a straw colored brown to bluish!
Would you like to take a guess to how hot disc brakes can get?
I can't think of a better place for the heat to accumulate.

What if, it had not been on the thickest end? The little bearing on the other end, you know, that has the threaded nut? The whole thing could just snap off and the wheel is then rolling off towards the unimaginable!
But don't worry, you will be sitting there, leaning, with a puzzled look?
Going, it's still under the fender, oh, lucky me!
Do you feel lucky, twice?

As far as the Bently manual, I'm thinking you must know more of what's in there than I do!
I don't claim to know page numbers and paragraphs.
That 14 inch pound specification sounds good if it means up and touching and no play.
Most of the time with cars, they just said, preload and back off two nut slots, shake top to bottom and pin it!

Over the years I have read my issue of manuals and the part on preloading bearings varies with each size.
I have worked with professional assemblers setting up bearings with diameters of 16" X 24" X 10" wide and they follow the manufactures requirements to the letter!
The rule of thumb back in the 70's, the cost for that size bearing was a thousand dollars an inch!
I.D. or O.D., I don't know which, but it was not cheap and it got its due respect!
Heck back then that was probably a years wages. I know some rough castings, before machining, that held bearings like that, cost $36,000.
I couldn't worry about that, just kept my mind on making it to print!
We didn't talk about the, or else!

It's your car and your life, what's it worth?



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