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Carefull before jump start at starter 200 1992


You are probably good with what you have done.
As long as the the core body can move farther back into the solenoid, after the contacts close, the solenoid will roll the electric motor.
I don’t think you can or should get more than .100 or 3mm total movement past contact make up. There should be a limit caused how much the travel distance that’s allowed on the Bendix Drive stroke.
Like I say, the assembly is a closely matched setup. A little German or Bosch, too close!

Your concern about intermittent non-starts will go away “better” because of the extra pressure to push them closed, that is really done by the internal spring loading.
This modification improves reliability but at cold temperatures, you still need a real good battery as the cranking amperage does drop.
When that happens, it exacerbates the whole lack of having a good set of contacts working everywhere in the car.
When the starter motor kicks in it’s like a “black hole in outer space” as it wants all it can get from the source.

The whole idea of contracting the length of the body .003 of an inch is nonsense but adding 0.030 for the width of the Dremel cutting wheel groove will help a whole more!

You should be good to go with the spare, but a modification of the one on the car, might prove to be time well spent to change it around.
Mine has worked for almost two years without a glitch on the same starter that came with the car when I got it.
It’s the same starter that started the car when AAA added on their battery, (parallel) to my good battery and it started.
The extra amperage it got made up for the incomplete make up of those solenoid contacts way down there!
Probably sizzled into a better arc and burn inside!
A half-***ed “make up” just hurts in the long run. Just like in marriage!
Over time, the solenoid that has been working for twenty years, is going to end, sooner or later!

I made mine go again or at least it’s more reliable in the meantime.
Just thought I would share the love of these reliable cars, that can be fixed reliably.
If you ever watched Scott Kilmer on YouTube Channel or his .com, you will dread the modern cars ever getting to be half the age of these!

The 240’s were the last of the Farmers cars, to be fixed with the Baling Wire like a wheat combine!

I don’t live in the mid west but on the west coast in California. I’m was not a beach going sand man or even a Sandal shuffler! I’m getting older for sure to some day be shuffling!
That cold and snow stuff that’s plain olé shoveling!
Ugh! (:)



New failing starter ? [200][1992]
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