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got it apart 900 1992

Hi Spook,

I will attempt to show what we think might be causing this blower motor to intermittently fail to start up when ordered to do so.

One of the motor magnets had come loose and moved around the interior of the motor housing about a quarter of an inch. It would seem to make sense that the motor would come to rest at various positions in its daily start and stop routines. Our guess is that when it stopped at this particular magnet, it would not start up again. Thus, started seven times, won`t on the eighth go around, etc.

I have two pictures and will attempt to upload them.

I got the end piece off by bending the four holding tabs outward.

Sensible people buy another motor and I am going to follow amarin`s lead to see if a motor for a Chevy Cavalier will fit, just in case I cannot refit the end to the motor.

But I am a retiree with time on my hands!


New 1 960 heater blower motor [900][1992]
posted by  muskox37  on Sun Jan 27 15:03 CST 2019 >

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