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Bad Alternator --- Not... 200

Last week I had a haircut appt. but when I went to start my car, the battery was dead.
I got a ride from someone who warned me that the Alternator may have gone bad.
Later I checked around and found the following simple explanation:
It was the red wire which was connected to the Alternator and came loose.
All I had to do was tighten the connector and re-attach to the Alternator.
So, the original warning was actually pretty close, but sometimes the KISS principle really works. I have not had any more problems since then.
-Cool Volvo- 1989 240 5 Spd w/ 310K, 1989 240 5 Spd w/ 231k. Past proud owner of 1966 122, 1968 144, 1970 145, 1972 144, 1980 245, 1982 240 4 Spd OD


New Bad Alternator --- Not... [200]
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