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960 heater blower motor 900 1992

I will try to upload pictures of the heater blower motor in my 1992 Volvo 960. It runs some of the time and is the culprit in my troubleshooting enterprise. Today I tried it outside of the enclosure a number of times. Sometimes it would start and run. Other times it would not.

A little push on the fan would get it to run if it did not react to the command from the dashboard controls.o

This tells me that it is probably dirty inside and might be salvageable if I can get it apart

The four points identified on the picture have two small flanges at each point. One flange has been spread and the other is probably just some kind of a marker to align everything. I am thinking that I could squeeze the spread flange together and then pull the end of the motor out so that I could clean up the commutator, etc., and check the brushes for wear.

Has anybody done this before? And does it work?


New 1 960 heater blower motor [900][1992]
posted by  muskox37  on Sun Jan 27 15:03 CST 2019 >

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