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Still Moisture in Trunk (What the heck?) 200 1983

though I live in the salt-the-roads-beyond-reason Mid Atlantic there is another place back there that can leak/rust.

Based on your posts this is not your problem, but I bring it to your attention since it seems that you will be embarking on a Seam Re-Sealing project. After all you are 'in for a penny' with those European Ordered tail lights.
The 'in for a pound" part here is simply More Work, not more money.

The Seam for the Upper body and the Lower at the rear is concealed by the bumper and the trim. With the old style Aluminum Combat Bumpers, the full rubber that is the top trim - has a lip that attaches to that Seam. As Rust never Sleeps, but hides in the dark, Salt gets trapped there and rust thru the seam and opens up the back of the trunk to water and/or more salt.

From your pics there is no evidence that this is happening, however if you are planning on renewing the other parts of the rear seams, it may be worthwhile to remove that trim and check out that seam. Probably involves taking off the bumper.

ps: in the past 5 days, I've had 2.5in of rain at my house. If we had normal Jan temps, that wud be, at a 10 to 1 ratio...25 inches of snow. Total rain measured for 2018 here in my valley - 74.97inches.


New Moisture in Truck (Reprise) [200][1983]
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