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Still Moisture in Trunk (What the heck?) 200 1983

First off, thanks to all who have responded previously to this and my other threads on tail lights. I have ordered some tail light assemblies from Sweden (Bosch look just like my current ones but not official USA part numbers and way less expensive). Waiting for them to come FedEx.

While deciding to move ahead with the tail light assemblies, I decided to completely remove my tail light assemblies and mask the body holes off with plastic as seen in the following 2 photos:

The idea here was to try to validate that the tail light assemblies were the source of the water. With them removed and masked off, if they were the source, one would expect no more water.

At the same time I took aleekat up on his old mechanic's trick and liberally spread talc powder all over the place. I carefully coated the seal between the body and the trunk lid - which I had already replaced after doing this and getting suspicious. I also dusted the areas at or below the tail lights into the "wells" below.

For a solid week I saw no signs of moisture in the trunk save some condensation on the lid's interior. But this weather wasn't that harsh for around here. Yesterday, however, we had sustained strong winds and buckets of rain. And this morning there was water-sign once again! But for sure no sign of water making it past the seal between the body and the trunk lid.

At least on the right side, I was able to see some pooled water and think I saw/felt some water drops on the seam right of the masked-off tail light hole.

I find it difficult to believe that water could actually be getting into the seam in question as I think it is covered with the masking/plastic. But I did notice this and am not sure what it is or if it could be part of the problem:

No idea how this got there or how long it has been there. But I see something similar on the left side too:

Any comments/suggestions? Thanks


New Moisture in Truck (Reprise) [200][1983]
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