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Making a pressure tool easier than doing pictures! 200 1988


I have not made many pictures of things I have done to put on the Brickboard.
Those few that I have done, I had help with camera to the file thing.

I don’t understand the whole url, jpeg thing or having a host and so forth. I don’t understand where to get what information, how it’s works with all the variations of browsers or formats and so forth!
I struggled with that old DOS system years ago and that frustrated me to no end!

I have seen Art’s yellow banner note but it’s a Greek language of symbols and I’m totally gun shy with jitters from those blue screens of death!

I still have 35 mm film slides that I would like to convert onto a disc to take to Navy reunions but everytime I look into it, I find out that the equipment is questionable, at best!
No truth on how well it works!
I’m afraid it’s another nasty rat’s nest to throw money and effort into!
It’s like going back and living with and fixing Microsoft’s bungling and bundling software scams, for Free!
Microsoft own their soles to the “freelancers” that helped fixed their stuff! IMO!
APPLE survived only because Microsoft needed competition to look legitimate in not monopolizing.
It help to beat down the many other ways to build computer operating systems in the process!
That’s the only godsend!

I have wasted thousands of dollars on Microsoft’s & IBM’s education through three, now defunct, makers of computers. Plus throwing away good working CRT monitors for the newest upgrades, each time, that makes keeping Volvo’s, a well worth it, endeavor!

The cap modification is very simple.
I used a right angle brass fitting that has a 1/8” Male National Pipe Thread on one end to go into the cap and a Female 1/4 NPT on the inlet end that fits a standard male air coupler fitting used on air tools.
I drill a small hole, the size of the small end of the tap or about 13/64” of an inch or a “R” drill, if I remember correctly. The caps center then will accept a 1/8” pipe tap.

I thread it into the cap until it reaches about eleven (11) full threads up on the tap.
That’s approximately the full depth on any size new pipe tap. That will make the length correct in the hole for a mating thread in most all materials.

The material, in the case of the cap, is thinner than the normal depth of a pipe thread.
So if you work your way down slowly with the tap and test fit it, you can arrive at the widest supporting diameter for the fitting.
You can then still later swivel it around, some, + & - if necessary
The plastic cap screws onto the reservoir to lock down on it first. If needed you can swivel the fitting to point that allows you direct access to the air coupler!

The angled fitting sticks out parallel to the top of the cap so the air hose will come onto the cap and lay out over the engine without straining the cap or reservoir.
Plug it on for pressure and off its off as air will come out the fitting. There is hardly any volume in the reservoir to notice upon release.

Once you use it a little, you will get the hang of it and never think again about pumping the brake pedal!

Even if you are not a “Mikey,” you will like it! (:)



New Mystery Brake Fluid Leak [200][1988]
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