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I just bought my 4th RWD Volvo and thought I would share my first week of ownership. Car is blue green 240 sedan with 188K on the clock. The car drives really nice, very smooth, maybe a little soft compared to my older 740 GLE and my 85 Wagon, Service records going back 7 or 8 years. Indicating a engine rebuild about 22K ago, several MAFs, the blower motor, a couple of catalytic converters, etc.. The car ran fine and everything worked when I bought it, it did have a little miss at idle. The guy I bought it from agreed to have a look at it and ended up replacing the spark plugs for me and that cleared up the miss.
Later upon inspection I did find the airbox thermostat cold side failed shut, so the motor was being heated by the exhaust duct constantly in Texas. As an interim measure I disconnected that pipe at the exhaust manifold and ran it up to the top of the engine bay. That changed the way the car ran for the better. So I completely disconnected the duct.
Then the Catalytic converter broke and sent chunks to the resonator causing an awful rattle. After replacing the cat and deleting the resonator, she seems to be running great.
Hopefully Im out of the woods for now with regards to things that need immediate attention.
Im happy to address the little things as I go along.
looking forward to learning more from you guys, and having fun with car.
I am planning to bring it to Radwood Austin at the end of Feb.



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