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1992 Volvo 960 wiring

I am trying to track down a short on this recently purchased Volvo 960.

If I connect a voltmeter between the post and Lead A as I have identified it I get a voltage drop of twelve volts and I am interpreting this as a short.

The other two leads do not produce this voltage drop.

I started by removing and separating the three leads that connect to the positive terminal of the battery.

I am trying to attach a photo of the three leads but regardless, it is the lead that runs along the underside of the passenger side fender before exiting the engine compartment through a large grommet on the firewall, still on the passenger side of the car.

It has the letters VB stamped on the plastic cover of the lead. It is not the main connector but is a fairly large wire connector.

The third wire is small in diameter and is not shorting.

Can anyone tell me where Lead A goes and to what it is attached?


New 1992 Volvo 960 wiring
posted by  muskox37  on Mon Jan 14 15:01 CST 2019 >

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