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Reference my earlier post regarding the random stalling and no-start condition, my beloved 945T FINALLY threw a DTC of 2-1-4.

Having never seen that code (flashing red led light) before, I enlisted the assistance of my trusty BrickBoard DTC solver page I keep in the cargo area. This group of pages are kept among my various hand tools and relays for "Roadside Rebuilding" episodes.

Turns out 2-1-4 is a "Missing Signal from Crank Sensor". Hooray, except that component part was recently replaced during an full engine tear-down and rebuild. But taking the advise of my fellow BrickBoarders, I did not overthink it. I simply removed the crank sensor via its single 10mm bolt atop the bell housing and immediately found it covered with engine oil.

Epilogue to this long tale is I have a moderate oil pan leak at the rear low side of the B230FT block, and its been throwing oil onto the flex plate and torque converter. as such, the magnetic pickup on the crank sensor became so drenched with oil, it could no longer send a signal for gasoline and ignition delivery.

Many thanks to Art, Spook, Ted, Aramin and others for ALL the sage advise. Lesson learned here for me: Disregard what you've replaced, and don't think a recently serviced/replaced component is NOT the source of new trouble.
FUEL, IGNITION basics as you all have always said.

I thank you all.


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