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rear end "upper radius arm bushing'? 1992 240 sedan 200 1992

Hi Keith,

A clunk in the rear end caused by a bushing in the front? I suppose, like most mysteries, the answer is in fixing communication and translation.

Who says he's the "highly respected Volvo mechanic?" Sounds stubborn to me from your story. Yes, at some point you may have to grab a book and get his attention for a minute or two if he wants your business. Maybe he doesn't need it. That's a fact of life where cars have become too old.

The only bushings in the front I know of are not upper anything, but those for the lower control arm (the only control arm) and the stabilizer bar with its end link. Maybe the upper bushing on the end link?? Nothing exotic or hard to find, I hope, though I may be corrected at any time as vendors run out of stuff.

Yes, you must like him, so take the Bentley and a box of donuts with you.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

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New rear end &quot;upper radius arm bushing'? 1992 240 sedan [200]
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