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Pertronix Flame Thrower Ignition Coil for 1993 Volvo 240? 200 1993


I never heard of this company before because I don’t modify things unless I can improved them.
So I looked it up.
If their products are anything like their web site you don’t want to get anything from them.
It doesn’t work very well for any questions or information on how they are any better than anyone else unless you want to doll up your ride!

On the bottom of almost every page they have a big- O disclaimer about “not allowed on any emissions controlled vehicle.” Warranty warning maybe, over and over? Can’t say you didn’t see it!
Are you into racing only?
Because that excludes almost everything made since the mid-seventies for the highways.

It looks to be that if you use anything above the level of “plug and play” is an experiment, at your expense!
You have to find out if it will work at all within some very narrow performance curve, plotted on some irrelevant chart and not to anyone’s exact engine model.
The charts might be some copy of doodle from a second grade drawing class? Multiple colors and fine barely legible printing.
Some specifications require the use of their igniter, of which I think, in some cases is an auxiliary component. I saw a wire kit for $10 to bring in power and it contains two wires? Wow, some special 12 volt wire!

Maybe that’s why you are asking what you can use?

On any coil you have to match the current draw to the rest of the controller.
I saw two primary resistances in ohms offered. So if you are replacing a stock component with close match and a (?) of promises.
Mostly I got it that they make remarks of it “looking nice” in stock color under the hood or chromed up for shine.
First I have seen where Contoured starters?
Billet material used for distributors means machined and not casted. That means, a low very low volume requirement held in inventory.
Add on, No investment in casting molds, they can be “one of a kind” and turn in to being listed (for a while) in a catalog or as NLA or No Longer Available, even faster!

I have to wonder that if it doesn’t work to burn up fuel any better than the OEM stock components, What’s is their purpose if it doesn’t improve combustion?

Whoops, I know, a different kind of snake oil additive!



New Pertronix Flame Thrower Ignition Coil for 1993 Volvo 240? [200][1993]
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