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Moisture in Trunk (Reprise) 200 1983

I went ahead and ordered the seal material shown in the middle position in this post. What showed up was the material in the upper position which is similar but with smaller dimensions. Comparing the new material to the old makes it seem like the smaller is a right-on match of the original 1983 material. Obviously less mashed down.

Although I still wanted the larger dimensions, hoping for a better seal, the seller on EBay said they did not have it and did not expect it until February at the earliest. I then checked out all the other sellers on EBay with this stuff and despite having different EBay IDs they all seem to be in the same exact location. This is also close to the location for Trim-Lok which makes the stuff, near as I can tell.

So I went ahead and installed the seal material. Not hard to do. The original has an inner piece of tube, as shown in the IPD photo, which is used to mate the two ends. The EBay stuff lacked this so I cut a piece of fuel hose that fit nicely and used that to mate the two ends. Not sure this is really needed but what the heck?

It may be that the larger dimension product would be an issue as closing the trunk lid with this new seal in place takes more force than with the old. I hope this bodes well for a tighter seal. Hard to know if the larger dimension stuff would allow the lid to close at all. So maybe luck is on my side.

Since it was warmish and sunny out, I again dried everything out inside the trunk and let it air out. Then I again lined the entire trunk with new newspaper to show where moisture is coming from. Two days and no rain yet. So it remains dry inside. But it is obviously too soon to tell.

More later as this story continues.

Happy new year!


New Moisture in Truck (Reprise) [200][1983]
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