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rear end "upper radius arm bushing'? 1992 240 sedan 200

My 1992 240 sedan (300k+) has a serious kerchunk in the rear when I shift. Due to back problems I can't crawl under the car myself to look.

Last time I had the oil changed the station wrote that I needed "upper radius arm bushings" replaced (1.5 hours?) but they don't want to do that work. I got the impression from him that there were at least two that needed to be replaced... one near each side of the rear axle? I also had the impression he was saying they connected the read end to the chassis.

When I look at my Bentley manual I can't find anything with that exact name, nor when looking on the Internet. So... is it actually or more commonly called something else?

Bentley shows a rear end diagram on 650-1. Could they mean the bushings between the "track rod" and the "body cross member"?

My idea is to buy the bushings online then find somewhere to have them replaced.

Keith Ostertag


New rear end &quot;upper radius arm bushing'? 1992 240 sedan [200]
posted by  keithostertag  on Fri Dec 28 10:28 CST 2018 >

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