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New 1800ES owner. Source of parts? 1800 1972

Hello everyone. I have always loved the 1800ES and jumped in without doing my due diligence. (Some of us never learn! LOL.) I have what I think is a fairly solid car, but it does have needs. Being in Ventura, CA I don't have a nearby shop that would know this model that well, but have a generally knowledgeable mechanic who may be of assistance. But that is not the point of this post...

(But do wish I was in Torrance so could use Hi Performance!)

I am trying to find out where to get parts that are not general in nature. As an example, there is a pretty strong smell of gasoline in and around the car. I purchased a Volvo Service Manual and see that there is a venting filter that I am suspecting needs to be replaced. Where is this part sold?

And I have quite a miss which may be a result of the electronic ignition being bad (easily found), or maybe a bad ECU. But I don't see a source for ECU's?

For some reason I had thought that the parts for these vehicles may have not been a problem, but in hindsight, it IS a 46 year old car!

Thanks in advance and I hope that 2019 treats all out there well...



New New 1800ES owner. Source of parts? [1800][1972]
posted by  frankEdee  on Thu Dec 27 22:11 CST 2018 >

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