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1959, 544, B16, AC fuel pump with glass bowl

I think the fuel pump is the reason the car quit running. I pulled the fuel line and cranked and got nothing. I pulled the pump and it felt like the prime lever and main lever were not actuating the diaphragm. Everything else looks fine as I rebuilt this pump just a few years ago.

My problem is that I am having a reassembly issue getting the shaft from the diaphragm to connect to the lever. I don't remember having this issue before. The key on the bottom of the shaft looks OK but I can't really see the end of the lever as it is buried in the bottom of the pump.

It feels like I need to insert the shaft, find the lever, and then rotate a few degrees to lock them together. I've been able to do that without the main spring in place but with the spring I can't really feel it the same way.

I am also concerned that once I get it together it might come apart again.

Does anyone have some guidance on this?

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