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Moisture in Truck (Reprise) 200 1983

Yesterday I took out and cleaned and reset my 5-lamp tail lights and gaskets. I was very careful in doing so and afterwards, I lined the trunk area once again with newspaper.

Last night it rained again (this is Seattle, of course) and the car just sat there as usual. This morning I opened up the trunk and found the newspaper - particularly on the right side - wet again.

So I decided I had better check more carefully and stop assuming the source is the tail light or gaskets. When I opened the right side interior tail light cover, I saw some evidence of water but only near the bottom of the cover. You can see that in the photos. However, the tail light assembly itself seemed pretty dry. And the only visible moisture on the gasket was along the bottom.

I used a flashlight and my fingers to search for moisture above the headlight assembly and I was sure I found some. I took a closer look at the trunk seal and it seemed like there was moisture along the top of it where I suppose the rubber should be mating with the trunk's sheet metal. Hmm.

I decided to remove the black plastic trim that covers the area just inside the trunk opening where the latch penetrates. Held on with only 6 Phillips head screws so quite easy to remove. Surprisingly, I found water under it. Some pooling that you can see in the photos.

So now I am wondering it the source of the water is that it is somehow sneaking across the main trunk seal somehow. This is the original seal. So maybe?



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