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5-Lamp Tail Lights 200 1983

This is a follow-up to an earlier posting here titled "Condensation Under Trunk Lid". It turns out that the gasket I was sold is not for 5-lens but for 6-lens. So back that will go.

Meanwhile, while fiddling with the left side tail light unit I managed to break off the clear reverse light lens. So I am wondering about replacing the whole assembly (maybe don't need bulbs and holders but would be nice to have new ones, I guess).

Anyhow, I have seen no fewer than 3 part numbers listed on myswedishparts dot com (and some other Volvo dealer websites) for each side. For example, there are entries for the left side of 1235585 (Bosch), 1234669 (Hella), and 1235587 (Bosch, CA/US). Each has a different price. IPD show the part they sell referencing the last of these numbers. And their price is way high.

So my questions are:

1. are all these the same basic unit or are some just lenses or some without the bulb sockets?

2. do these come with the gasket (seems to be either part number 1235595 or 1235167 - again two numbers but these have the same price)?

3. if there are no visible cracks or holes (I looked after Art's response on the last post), how likely is it that these are the source of the leak versus the gasket?



New 5-Lamp Tail Lights [200][1983]
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