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Awful no start condition away from home... 200 1990


So here I am, away from home, and my 1990 240 dies on the way to get gas while I'm exiting I95 in southern Virginia. Ugh!

I've trouble shot the in-tank and main pumps. Both run independently and together. Car cranks, and did start and run twice, but then finally died and now will not re-start.

I check my driver side fender 25A fuse and it is fine.

I had checked for spark on #1 cylinder, and it was there, but now I get nothing.

I also tried to run the diagnostic test for the injectors, but I can not get it to enter that mode to test. I perform the operation correctly, but it will not enter it.

I'm leaning at the moment towards the following culprits.

- Coil,
- Coil wire to distributor,
- EZK, and/or

What I'd like to know is what do you folks think?

Any and all thoughts are welcome and appreciated.


1989 - 245, 1990 - 245, 1991 - 245, and 1993 - 245


New Awful no start condition away from home... [200][1990]
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