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Update: Wipers Don't Work; No Power 200 1988

Hi 1908242DLa,



The "Volvo 240 1988.pdf" file. PDF page 15. Save the PDF file to your local files. (Who know how long the file will remain on the site.)

The wiper / washer feature of 1988 Volvo 240 won't work unless the ignition key is in the ignition switch cylinder lock. You then turn the key to the first position (Accessory) so like the horn, cigarette lighter, fan, and washer / wiper works.

The green wire art mentions is the green wire at the wiper stalk assembly with the green wire that ends in a spade connector secured to the spade terminals under the steering cover.

You can see the wire green connects to the wiper motor. Disconnect the green wire and connect it to +12 VDC power. Leave the wiper arms up and hope they move.

It is the yellow wire that has +12 VDC power with the key in and turned to Accessory (key position 1).

The relay you see is the intermittent relay for intermittent wiper action. Lo and high speeds do not pass through the intermittent relay.

Low speed in the wiper motor is the brown wire at the wiper stalk.

So, what happened to the wiper action? Did the wipers work fine and quit on you? What happened? A slow quit or a quick quit? Does the washer work. And the horns work with the key in key position 1 and engine KP 2 on / run?

At the fuse panel, the left side is supply and the right side of the fuse is load side.

Does that help you I hope?


Thank you.

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New Windshield Wipers Don't Work Only at High Speed [200][1988]
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