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Condensation Under Trunk Lid 200 1983

Sorry for so long in getting back on this. I am thinking that both Art and Chris are on the right track here in saying the tail light is the source of the moisture. Surprisingly for the PNW, it remained dry (but cold) for some time and only recently has there been enough rain to see anything.

What I see is that the newspaper I put down all over the trunk interior is only moist near the tail lights - both of them. I cannot quite recall why now, but I do recall having removed both of these, noting that the gaskets looked rather mashed to hell, and deciding I could "improve" things by applying some stick-on foam weather stripping I happened to have lying around.

I suspect that my "repair" is the cause. I found gasket replacements for $10 each on EBay so it seems a good idea to do this again - the right way. I never had moisture problems prior to all this so I guess it makes sense that the last think I touched is likely the cause. So once I get and install them, I should know more and will report back here. If they work, I may update the wife's 1980 in the same way before too long.

Unlike Art, I have no desire to have my wife lock me in the trunk of my car. While he may have his doubts about the outcome of such an experiment, I have none :-)



New Condensation Under Trunk Lid [200][1983]
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