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How to match 245 springs and shocks? 200 1993

This is my first foray into suspension work, so please forgive any gaffs...

My '93 245 has mostly been used for daily commuting with occasional hauling for the 200K/10 years I've had it, and I've had no suspension work done or issues. But, after Hurricane Florence I took up the new hobby of splitting firewood -- lots of firewood -- that starts as big downed trees, then in multiple rounds weighing 100+ lbs each. Over a month or so, the rear imperceptibly dropped what seems like several inches. The shocks still rebound some but start and end really low.

My mechanic tells me I need new springs and I take his word for it. After doing some reading here, I'm planning to change out the shocks and every bushing on the back end too.

I've spent the last few nights going over IPD, FCP Euro, and a few other sites, plus reading what I can here. It sounds like one shouldn't mix HD springs with soft shocks, or vice-versa, correct? But I can't seem to figure out how to pair them correctly.

Right now I'm looking at Lesjofors 1229052 (which I'm told by FCP are slightly stiffer than stock wagon shocks - they didn't mention mm thickness) paired with Sachs Super Touring 1128794, but having second thoughts.

Any advice on which shocks/springs could be paired safely would be awesome. If someone's made a list of pairs from soft to HD, that would be even better.

I'd like to go really heavy duty so I don't break anything, but the cost and handling issues Im reading about might require a "tougher than stock but not a dump truck" approach.

One last thing... I'm thinking of buying a 4x6 or 4x8 utility trailer to lessen the stress on my favorite driving machine. I want her and my 84 wagon to stay around a while.



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