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92 745 Turbo - 'thud', loss of power, now crank doesn't turn- 'is it dead Jim'? 700

Hi All,

Its been while, but I've got a doozy for the group.

My son was driving our 92 745 Turbo (~200K miles) on the highway. The car was at normal operating temperatures when he accelerated to pass a car. The car surged as expected but as he passed he heard a "thud" followed by a loss of power, but no warning lights-that he recalls. He pulled to the shoulder and killed the car.

After a quick visual inspect of fluids etc, he tried to restart the car but only got the usual start sequence lights. There was also the audible sound of the starter "thunking" as it made contact with the flywheel- but no start.

After additional road side diagnosis, we towed the car home.

We've removed and tested the starter- it was fine.
Removed and inspected under the valve cover- nothing out of the norm.
Upon attempting to turn the crank via the retention bolt we discovered that it wouldn't budge.
Removed cover and inspected the timing belt- it was intact and well within mileage as it had been changed along with water pump etc less than 30k miles before.
Removed the timing belt and discovered the cam would turn just fine with no noticeable issues, but also discovered the crank could now be turned just a bit more than before.

I'm afraid the grand old lady has passed her last beemer but I'm not ready to call her out just yet and am open to any suggestions.

Anyone else ever dealt with these symptoms before? Is this a bottom end rebuild? or am I missing something simple?


NoVA Dad


New 92 745 Turbo - 'thud', loss of power, now crank doesn't turn- 'is it dead Jim'? [700]
posted by  NoVa Dad  on Mon Dec 10 12:12 CST 2018 >

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