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strut and shock recommendations 200 1991

As much as I hate this particular job, it's that time again. Both of my 240s ('91 245, '93 244) need strut mounts, strut inserts, and rear shocks. I've followed many of the threads on this subject, so am aware of issues such as universally crappy OEM-style strut mounts, Sachs/Boge struts/shocks made in Mexico, noise/mounting problems with Bilstein Touring shocks (rear), and problems fitting Bilstein HD inserts in ABS/'90-> strut tubes. FWIW, I've used Bilstein HDs on a couple of 240s in the past and liked them a lot, but understand that the front strut inserts are a no-go on the ABS-equipped sedan at least. All in all, it seems that my options for a repairing our trusty 240s have narrowed to the following:

1) use Volvo OEM inserts and shocks (but I have no experience with the OEM replacements lately--are they decent or have they gone Geely?)

2) use Bilstein Touring Class strut inserts in front, with something else (Bil-HDs maybe?) at the rear--but I'm reluctant to mix front struts and rear shocks.

3) install Koni yellows front and rear (I've used Konis on other cars in the past, but not on the 240--anyone able to share their experiences? How was the install? Ride, handling, NVH?)

Regarding the strut mounts, I've already picked up a pair of BNE spherical mounts from Kaplhenke Racing--if they work on the wagon, then I'll get another pair for the sedan.

FWIW, both cars are daily drivers, though we also use them for extended road trips, mountain driving, etc., so I'm looking for good control without excessive harshness...

That's it for now, but any advice, BTDTs, other wisdom would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm sure I'll have additional questions as I get into this (for example, which inserts require removing the spacers at the bottom of the tube, etc, etc), but I figured I should start small...

THANKS in advance!

Steve A-


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