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Front Oil Seal Questions 200 1988

Here's how I do it.

Clean then lightly lubricate the crankshaft seal surface with engine oil.

Pack the back of the seal with grease where the spring resides. This will help keep the spring in place while you are installing the seal. I normally use "SuperLube" which is a thick clear silicone grease and comes in a tube that I buy from my local Ace Hardware store.

Lubricate the lip(s) of the seal with engine oil. I prefer not to use the SuperLube as it has a tendency to cause the seal to make noise.

I can not understand why anyone would lubricate the outer diameter of a seal that needs to be a press fit. Lubing the outside might cause the seal to slip afterwards. I've had to replace the aluminum front covers on OHC Volvos engines due to a slipping auxiliary shaft and front crankshaft seals.

I know of and use a special lubricant for pressing various bushings and bearings that doesn't cause slippage afterwards, but that is for metal to metal surfaces.

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