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Key Stuck in Ignition ('93 940) 900

Dear Fellow Brickboarders,

Hope you're well. I've an ignition key stuck in the ignition. I'm puzzled by the following FAQ section:

"Changing Lock Cylinder Mechanism of Switch: Ignition Lock-Mechanical Portion Lock in Panel (740/940).

[Response from Bob] You don't have to remove the steering wheel under normal circumstances. The method for removing the lock cylinder is to remove top and bottom steering column covers and the panel on the driver's side footwell under the column. Insert key, turn to position 2. There is a small pin in the lock casting on the top just behind the chrome front of the barrel (about 1" from end of lock cylinder). At key position 2, depress this pin and the whole barrel pulls out. If stuck, push it from the rear."

I looked at a Volvo ignition lock assembly made in May, 2000. I do not see any "small pin in the lock casting on the top, behind the chrome front of the barrel".

There are two "pins" in this spare, factory-new ignition lock assembly. One is on the bottom (facing the floor) and the other it at the 9 o'clock position (facing the driver's door). Both pins seem to be pressed into place. Neither moved when pressed, with the key at "0" or with the key at "II".

I presume one or both of these pins hold the lock cylinder into the housing. Does anyone know which one holds the lock cylinder? If Bob's comment is correct, how much pressure is required to move this pin? I used the tip of a screw and finger power. Is more pressure required?

Thanks for your guidance.

Yours faithfully,



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